Graham Knuttel (b1954)

Graham Knuttel was born in Dublin in 1954. Initially renowned for his large wooden mechanical animated sculptures, Knuttel’s figurative paintings are now acclaimed internationally. He paints into an urban landscape to which he himself belongs, favouring dark and dangerous scenes, which reflect the fears, doubts and hopes he feels himself. It is on canvas that Knuttel fights his battles, the tensions and moods brilliantly portrayed on the faces of his subjects, his wicked sense of humour evident throughout. Knuttel returns constantly to still life in his work, inspired by its potential for simplicity and bringing him back to his early studies of Cezanne and Picasso. Knuttel’s work is held in public and private collections worldwide. Collectors include Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Bertie Ahern and Joanna Lumley as well as Swiss Bank Corporation, Allied Irish Banks, Goldman Sachs International and Saatchi & Saatchi London. Graham’s bold use of colour and form and the narrative tensions which wind their way through all his work, make him a true story teller. Knuttel’s works are instantly recognisable, making him one of Ireland’s most popular and collectable living artists of our time.

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